The Last of Us Part II’s most hated character has found an actor

After weeks of speculation, finally, Kaitlyn Deverthe actress who starred in Booksmart and No One Will Save You, has been confirmed to co-star Ellie belong to Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us Part II with shoulder Abby. HBO Max initially only announced Dever’s participation in the show on her social channels without mentioning her role. Then, the developer of the original title Naughty Dog confirmed on his account that Dever will play Abby, the controversial second main character of The Last of Us Part II.​


Director and writer Neil Druckmann has confirmed that the second season will be a direct adaptation of The Last of Us Part II, with the confrontation between Ellie and Abby taking center stage. Therefore, it seems that viewers will often be able to swap perspectives between these two characters in the second part. However, it would not be surprising if the film would have modifications compared to the original, because the first part also had some successful adaptations, such as the story of Bill and Frank.

Abby is a controversial character for fans of The Last of Us, with her explosive role in the story which we won’t reveal to avoid spoilers. For a small number of fans, she is the best character in The Last of Us Part II, expressing the game’s themes very well. The question is how Dever will play this character, because as shown in the image, Abby is clearly a woman with a muscular body, quite different from the actress’s slim appearance. According to the plan, filming will begin on February 12, perhaps this is the time when Dever should start hitting the gym, like her character in some of the game’s flashbacks.


This isn’t the first time Dever has worked with Naughty Dog, as she also played Cassie Drake, daughter of Nathan Drake, in the epilogue of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. That means she may be at least somewhat familiar with some of the team members she’ll be working with in the show’s second season. The second part of The Last of Us will be released around 2025.​

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