Helldivers 2: New alien race coming? Is it an old enemy from part 1?

Recently, “hell divers” are fighting for “edited democracy” in Helldivers 2 kept seeing strange blue lasers flying across the sky. They not only attack the player, but also destroy bugs (Terminid) and robots (Automaton). Many people firmly believe that these blue lasers are a sign that a new enemy faction (which appeared in the original Helldivers) will soon appear and join the intergalactic war.


A little background: In the original top-down Helldivers game, three factions existed. Two of them were present in Helldivers 2, which are bugs and robots (cyborg). However, a third faction, the mysterious alien race known as The Illuminate, has so far not appeared. But that may soon change. This super-advanced race of underwater aliens — known for using shields, robots, AI, and blue energy weapons — appears to be coming soon to Helldivers 2. The clearest clue are video clips and player posts about strange green lasers in missions.


One of the first mentions of a blue beam in Helldivers 2 came not from fans or Reddit, but from a tweet posted on March 15 by Johan Pilestedt, CEO of Arrowhead Studios: “Blue beams aren’t real, they can’t hurt you.” Considering that the CEO has also playfully “denied” reports of flying bugs in Helldivers 2, we can definitely take this tweet as a sign that something is definitely going on. definitely happened in the game.


If you search on Reddit and YouTube, you can easily find video clips introducing these “blue beams” that Pilestedt “considers” harmless and unreal.​

Sometimes people see blue laser beams flying across the sky. They even shoot at bugs and robots while the player is on a mission.

There are even reports recording evidence of these green lasers targeting players and taking them down with just one shot. This is also eerily similar to how Illuminate snipers operated in the original Helldivers game.

Currently, there is a counter theory that these blue beams are just bullets or lasers fired at enemies or armored targets. When this happens in-game, the projectiles turn blue and create a blur that looks like a laser beam, which could explain some of the blue beams seen in the videos Various clips online.

However, that theory cannot explain the shots that seem to be fired out of nowhere, in areas with no enemies or players. It also doesn’t explain the shots that seem to fly down from above to take out a random teammate with incredible accuracy.

Supposedly leaked images of the new race in Helldivers 2

For now, when playing Helldivers 2, be careful. As you are fighting for the democracy and freedom of Super Earth, there may be an alien force lurking and watching your every move, ready to zap you with a blue beam of light from falling from the sky. Or maybe we’re all just hallucinating as Super Earth’s Ministry of Truth claims. Don’t forget, no flying bugs exist in Helldivers 2.

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