The Lancaster Leak – Entity Exam: The demon entered my Webcam


1. Throughout the program of the ERD Entity Research Department, there is always one constant.

2. Entities possessing properties that simulate human personality, are entities capable of causing great violence and manipulation. They are an absolute threat to public security.

3. Therefore, the prerequisite that agents must keep in mind when using the program is to identify the threat as accurately and quickly as possible.

4. Data shows that when agents are trained and perform good skills through the program module, the death rate decreases from 34.7% to 26.2%.

Entity research program: Launch in 3…2…1


Those are the first notifications that appear on my screen The Lancaster Leak – Entity Examtitle horror game in the style of “Found Footage” is being released for free on Steam. Taking on the role of an agent of the Entity Research Department, players will have to perform a series of tests to develop their skills in detecting threats to the community.

But those threats are not criminals, murderers or terrorists. They are deformed and ghostly entities whose existence is outside the rules of this world. By taking the modules in test format, you will point out abnormalities in the images, sounds or stories that this program displays on the screen.


It’s worth mentioning The Lancaster Leak – Entity Exam will ask to record the player’s real information, typically the username of the PC you are using or a live image from the webcam. If allowed, the game will use this information to integrate into the program, creating a spooky, realistic feeling.

What will happen when your face appears in the game? But covered in it is a dark red color with noisy stripes spinning before the eyes and the sounds of demons breathing in the ears? Do they know your name? Can they see you? Do they know where you are through the webcam?


That’s the thing The Lancaster Leak – Entity Exam brings, a fear that blurs the real-virtual boundary, where you have to ask yourself what it would be like if everything in there were true. Combined with the visuals of an old computer program from the 90s and soulless sound effects, The Lancaster Leak – Entity Exam is an experience you never want to repeat… unless you I feel brave enough.

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