Summary of early reviews of Alone in the Dark 2024: Not many bright spots, average quality

Alone in the Dark 2024 allowed newspapers to publish scores after evaluation, and did not achieve the expected success. The game’s aggregate score on Metacritic is only 64%, with 14% negative comments, 32% positive and 54% average. In addition, IGN only gave the game 6/10 points. Here are a few typical reviews:


IGN: 6/10

Remake of Alone in the Dark It’s not without its bright spots, but its combat lacks the rigor and drama of Resident Evil 4: Remake, the storytelling isn’t as slick and intelligent as Alan Wake 2, and the monster designs aren’t as creative. Dead Space remake… The biggest attraction of the game is the mystery throughout the story, and the feeling of accomplishment when finding solutions to the puzzles is also very positive, making players motivated to play continuously. beginning to end. However, this remake does not have too many breakthroughs compared to the original, making players not feel worthy of playing again.


Dexerto: 4/5

Alone in the Dark 2024 recreates the horrifying feeling of the survival horror genre in a completely new outfit, also saying hello to the classic 1992 original game. The original game was the inspiration for many horror games. later derivatives, like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. The remake can still be optimized even better, but for those who love this genre, this is already an experience worth trying.

GamingBolt: 6/10

Although there are a few bright spots, at key points that greatly affect the game experience, Alone in the Dark 2024 does it too simply, not promoting the game’s full potential.


GameSpot: 4/10

With its reality-bending story, sequential puzzles, and clunky combat, Alone in the Dark 2024 is in some ways more faithful to some turn-of-the-century horror games than its predecessors. modern remake. I enjoyed the game’s rich story, setting, and lore, and I felt smart when I got through some of its puzzles.

In short, Alone in the Dark 2024 will be a game worth trying if you are a fan of the original or the survival horror or puzzle genre. However, if not, then consider before reaching for your wallet, because the game is being sold at a not cheap price. The game will officially launch on Steam in 10 hours.

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