The IGI legend is revived with the super awesome graphics of Far Cry 5

Continuing your success remake Legendary spy game GoldenEye Far Cry 5, Project IGI is the next game with a fan rebuild of all the levels from both IGI part 1 and part 2 in Far Cry Arcade.


Even though Far Cry 6’s release date is fast approaching, its predecessor Far Cry 5 continues to impress with the work made by fans. The fact that Far Cry 6 does not have a level editing feature makes Far Cry 5 even more attractive. Even though the map creation tools in Far Cry Arcade are limited, fans can still create great remakes like Counter-Strike and Hotline Miami.

Remake version of Project IGI and IGI 2 made by user gregorpl123. Gregorpl123 has reconstructed all 14 missions of Project IGI and 19 missions of part 2 in Far Cry 5. Players can experience the above levels for free by visiting Far Cry Arcade and searching for the keyword “ IGI”.

The image of the Project IGI remake is “rougher” than the GoldenEye remake of user Krollywood. Additionally, Far Cry 5’s less tactical controls make defeating enemies easier than Project IGI’s. GregorOnline is also working on remake projects for Far Cry 2, Max Payne and Resident Evil Village in Far Cry 5.​

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