From the most anticipated game of 2023, The Day Before is making players increasingly disappointed


The Day Before continued to be a topic of controversy after the gaming community discovered the asset packs Unreal Engine takes up the majority of the game’s content. From being the most anticipated game on Steam in November 2023 to launching with extremely negative scores on Steam, The Day Before’s failure rivals a disaster. When Fntastic First announcing the game in 2021, The Day Before was billed as a zombie-themed, open-world survival MMO.

However, the game released in December 2023 no longer has any characteristics of a survival MMO game, instead The Day Before has a bit of a shooting game feel. False advertising coupled with rumors of non-payment of staff salaries has led most critics to accuse Fntastic of scamming fans. The developer’s subsequent response only made people more skeptical about The Day Before.


Currently, the Early Access version of The Day Before on Steam is extremely buggy and is just an empty shell of what the developer promised before launch. Although Fntastic claims that the game was in development for 5 years, a Reddit user discovered that The Day Before used asset packs (worth $300 USD) from the Unreal Engine marketplace for the entire printed city map. game, warehouse, main hub and player items are the only original models. Another Reddit user also pointed out that The Day Before used the toolkit (worth $65) for inventory and gameplay features.

Outrage from the community caused the developer to shut down The Day Before’s Discord server in response to negative feedback, bug reports, and complaints from players. While 2023 is recognized as the year of birth of a long list of great games, The Day Before will join the ranks of worthy titles. disappointed of the year like Lord of the Rings: Gollum or Skull Island: Rise of Kong.

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