The Halo battle royale project has not yet been revealed but has been canceled


Battle royale game in the rumors of Halo made by Certain Affinity with codename Project Tatanka there have been cancel before fans even knew about the existence of this project. While Halo Infinite has certainly made a remarkable comeback from the dismal state it was at launch, the past few years have still been pretty rough for the shooter franchise. Microsoft. Previously, Halo had a number of promising projects implemented.

One of the above projects is a Battle Royale game in the Halo universe developed by Certain Affinity, the developer involved in making Halo Infinite. The as-yet-unrevealed game is codenamed Project Tatanka, and news of the project first surfaced in April 2022. Although Microsoft never officially announced it, Certain Affinity has publicly discussed the project multiple times and said at the end of 2022 that Project Tatanka had been in the works for more than two years, with nearly 100 personnel at that time.

Last year, Bloomberg even reported on the project, sharing that it had evolved in a different direction after starting out as a Battle Royale game. Recently, an industry insider also claimed that this project was canceled during the XboxEra podcast. More specifically, Shpeshal_Nick and XboxEra podcast host have both confirmed that the Tatanka project has been shelved.

However, Bloomberg once reported that the project has “evolved” into something other than a Battle Royale game, so the game being developed by Certain Affinity will definitely not be in the battle royale genre. . Currently, Shpeshal_Nick and the members of XboxEra are pretty sure that the project has been completely scrapped and will never be announced.

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