Demon Slayer – Unsolved mysteries about the black Nhat Luan Sword

One of the details rarely mentioned in Anime and Manga but always makes fans Demon Slayer excitement is the color of Nhat Luan Sword. Surely everyone knows that the Nhat Luan Sword will reflect the owner’s personality and strength through the color of the blade… For example, Zenitsu carries a yellow sword, Inosuke nice gray color Kyojuro red. However the main character of Demon Slayer is Tanjiro It’s deep black, which is considered extremely rare in Demon Slayer history and an unexplained omen.

Contrary to the belief that black brings bad luck to the sword user, a fact often suggested in Manga and Anime, the mystery surrounding this type of sword contains many interesting things about its origin. .


Basically, the Nhat Luan Sword is cast from Red Red Thiet Sa and Red Ruby with the ability to absorb sunlight at an extremely high level. This characteristic allows the Sun Lun Sword to accumulate the essence of the sun and easily take the lives of demons. However, while most Japanese Swords have outstanding colors, Tanjiro’s sword shines with a deep black color, something that history has only recorded twice.

There has never been any definitive explanation for the black color of the Japanese Sword, especially the sword in Tanjiro’s hand. However, some theories suggest that his background, as a boy selling coal, had more or less influenced the color of the sword. This explains that when he learned the Fire God Divine Lac passed down from his father, Tanjiro’s blade suddenly turned red, showing the awakened power inside of a black coal to become a hot ember.


However, another theory related to the person who once carried a black sword similar to Tanjiro is a legendary Demon Slayer and the founder of the Breath of the Sun, the source of countless demon-slaying skills spread to next generation. Therefore, Tanjiro carrying the black sword promises that he will be the next person who can perform the Breath of the Sun and the one who will destroy the most powerful evil force.

An interesting thing is that according to Demon Slayer’s concept, although the image of a black sword carries a bad omen, in reality black is the color that absorbs light and heat best of all colors. Therefore, from a logical perspective, they will give the owner the greatest strength to confront the devil.

In addition, the sword’s rare characteristics also seem to partly represent Tanjiro’s very special fate and purpose in life. There he, a demon-slaying swordsman, carries a demon on his back, harboring the desire to transform his sister’s demonic body back into a human soul. If the image is as rare as a bar Nhat Luan Sword is black can appear, then Tanjiro’s demon transformation into a human will definitely come true.​

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