The Great Web, Insomniac’s canceled Spider-Man co-op game, suddenly revealed a trailer

The trailer for the live-service multiplayer (co-op) game Spider-Man has been canceled by the developer Insomniac – titled Spider-Man: The Great Web – has just appeared widely on the Internet. The footage was stolen in last year’s ransomware attack targeting developers and their employees. Now, it seems like it was released by hackers as a challenge.

The trailer (narrated by Yury Lowenthal, who voices Insomniac’s Peter Parker) points to a five-player co-op Spider-Man game featuring various multiverse incarnations of the character – including Gwen Stacey , Spider-Man 2099 and Scarlet Spider, along with Peter Parker and Miles Morales – who will face off against the Sinister Six in an open-world Manhattan.


Spider-Man: The Great Web first came to light after the ransomware attack on Insomniac last year and appears to be part of Sony’s ambitious live-service plans. That plan – announced under the supervision of Jim Ryan, the now-departed PlayStation boss in 2021 – appears to have run into difficulties, including Naughty Dog’s multiplayer title The Last of Us. project with the most problems.


Spider-Man: The Great Web’s trailer was also apparently stolen via last year’s ransomware attack, which the developer later called “extremely worrying“. At the time, Insomniac thanked fans for “for their unwavering support during these challenging times“, giving assurances that they will officially share details about projects still in development – such as Marvel’s Wolverine – “when the time is right“.


The studio also admitted that the data stolen from their servers included “Personal information belongs to our employees, former employees and independent contractors“. The attack was carried out by a ransomware group that demanded 50 bitcoins from Sony, but was refused and the Japanese giant is still “investigating”.

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