Celestial Ring Cup 2 – Valorant tournament for students calling for 32 Hanoi high schools

Esports Vietnam is reaching higher and farther than ever, especially after its remarkable achievements at SEA Games 32 despite not having many strong sports. However, this is just one of many signs of improvement in the country’s Esports industry as the e-sports wave is still heating up even among students from high schools.

Celestial Ring Cup 2 is a typical example, one of many tournaments Valorant Okay Viet Duc Information Technology Club belong to Viet Duc High School organization. With the success of Celestial Ring Cup 2022, Celestial Ring Cup 2 continues to target students from 32 high schools across Hanoi city, demonstrating the true goal of “of the students and for the students”. However, the scale of this tournament reaches even further with a total prize value of up to 10,000,000 VND, which will definitely raise the bar compared to any other community tournament at the present time.


But not only does it aim to develop e-sports or create a healthy playground for students, Celestial Ring Cup 2 also promises to create many humane and meaningful values ​​for society. That’s why in the Celestial Ring Cup held last year, Viet Duc Information Technology Club spent all profits from the tournament to organize charity meals and donated more than 300 meals to disadvantaged patients at the Hospital. Vietnamese Germany. Therefore, through the tournament in particular and Esports in general, participating Teams can certainly contribute their part to life.

Viet Duc Information Technology Club spent all profits from the tournament
to organize charity cooking and donate more than 300 meals.

Currently, the organizers of Viet Duc Information Technology Club have officially opened registration applications. Therefore, if you are a high school student in the Hanoi city area, you can quickly register now through the link below.​

Regarding time, applications will be accepted until July 9, 2023. After that, the tournament will conduct a draw from July 11, 2023 and officially kick off on July 13, 2023. 32 teams will compete in a BO1 format for the Qualifying Round, Rounds 1-8 and Quarter Finals. For the Semi-Finals and Finals, Teams will compete in a BO3 format.

For detailed information about Celestial Ring Cup 2, readers can access the official Fanpage of Viet Duc Information Technology Club here:

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