The Genshin Impact community votes on the characters that make them want to “turn around” the most


Reddit user riridouluvme shared the results of an interesting survey in which players Genshin Impact Pick out these figure make them regret it after filming. At the top of the list is one of the recently released characters, namely Cyno. Cyno, General Manager of Mahamantra, is designed to deal primary damage to most team composition types. This character is also considered a “selfish DPS”, the type of character that doesn’t provide much benefit when not on the field. Cyno’s rage skill also loses effect when switching to another character. According to the survey, the two main reasons why players don’t like Cyno are because of the monotonous gameplay and overall damage output.

The second character in the list is Klee with the power of the fire element. She first appeared in the Genshin Impact 1.1 update in November 2020. The slow and cumbersome gameplay was obviously the main reason why players voted for Klee. This makes sense since Klee is one of the game’s older characters and HoYoverse has introduced much stronger characters through updates.


Similar to Klee, the third character on the list, Tartaglia, or commonly known as Childe, is also “criticized” by the gameplay. Despite being released in early game updates, Childe is still considered a Genshin Impact S-tier DPS character, especially for players who have unlocked all fates.

Many players are quite surprised about the appearance of Xiao on the list because he is one of Genshin Impact’s strongest DPS and also has one of the best storylines. Xiao has a skill set that revolves around performing consecutive downward dash attacks after using the rage skill. However, according to some reviews, this unique gameplay can still become boring after a few months.

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