Just released 1 month ago, the blockbuster from Warner Bros. Hastily reduced the price sharply

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a “blockbuster” action game produced by Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios development cooperation. The game has a rather novel storyline where players take on the role of anti-heroes with the mission of destroying members of the Justice League – people who are currently losing themselves due to being controlled.

However, contrary to the expectations of both Warner Bros. and Rocksteady, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League did not receive a positive response from the gaming community. The game was criticized for its dull gameplay with repetitive campaigns and many similar missions, in addition to its high price, making it more difficult to reach gamers.​


And after only 1 month of release, Kill the Justice League had to drastically reduce prices to “appease” gamers as well as boost sales. Above Steam, from now until March 22, this game will be sold at a 40% discount, only 894,000 VND for the standard version and 1,140,000 VND for the Digital Deluxe version. On console platforms, the “bomb” of Warner Bros. are also starting similar incentive programs.

In another development, Sony recently announced that it will allow gamers to refund Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Unlike Steam, requesting a refund for a game on PSN is not easy. Sony’s above move also partly shows how disappointed gamers are with this game.

Readers can buy the game at:

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