The gamer covered his eyes and still cleared Super Mario Bros., even setting a Guinness record

Although the gameplay is not too complicated, Super Marios Bros. It’s never been an easy choice if players want to beat the game, but recently a gamer decided to challenge the game’s masterpiece. Nintendo in a state of covering both eyes. At the same time, thanks to that, he set a world record.

Eurogamer reported that yesterday (July 15), a male gamer named Crescendo posted a record-breaking video. Guinness on personal Youtube channel. It is known that he covered his eyes and finished Super Mario Bros. in just 11 minutes and 55 seconds, breaking the world record of 14 minutes and 46 seconds recorded in 2016.

Crescendo shares:

Crescendo is a musician in real life, his professional characteristics help him a lot in completing this challenge. Because in some segments of the game, Crescendo had to accurately count every second to perform a series of perfect jumps, which is something not everyone can do.


Crescendo also shared that he will soon make a video to guide speedrunners or those who are interested in this crazy challenge, how to break the world record. The male gamer successfully completed the challenge just a few days after completing Summer Games Done Quick 2021, a charity event that donated 2.8 million USD to Doctors Without Borders.

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