The fun fighting game MultiVersus will return at the end of May


After shutting down the server in 2023, Warner Bros and Player First Games has confirmed the return of MultiVersus, informing fans of the release date and introducing many changes to the game. Title fighting games This entered Open Beta in 2022 and is already giving fans a Smash Bros-style experience bringing many Warner Bros IPs from brands like DC, Scooby Doo nice Cartoon Network confront each other in duels. However, as updates began to become sparse, the player base dwindled and player feedback mostly revolved around the lack of new content.

Developer Player First Games has confirmed that MultiVersus will return in 2024. And MultiVersus Game Director, Mr. Tony Huynh recently appeared in a new trailer to provide a return date as well as some details. The biggest changes made to the game were based on player feedback. The free fighting game will reunite fans on May 28.

The studio has moved to develop the game using Unreal Engine 5. This aims to rebuild MultiVersus “from the ground up”, delivering consistent performance across all available gaming platforms. The development team has listened to player feedback and learned a lot from the Open Beta version.

When officially released in May, MultiVersus will have a number of changes that the development team hopes will improve the playing experience. Changes include a new PvE mode (with unique rewards), the appearance of new fighters, and additional stages “based on reimagined universes and environments”.​

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