The biggest online game in the world caused great disappointment, even die-hard fans of 10 years had to give up the game

Undeniable World of Warcraft is one of the titles MMOs most attractive, however after 10 years of being in the virtual world industry, this game can no longer satisfy players, even disappointing them. Recently, a Twitch streamer, who is also a die-hard fan of World of Warcraft, decided to delete his character and quit the game because he lost all trust in the current game.​


imQuazii is currently a streamer who owns a Twitch channel with 11.2 thousand followers. He is also known as a fan of World of Warcraft for the past decade. Yesterday, this male streamer suddenly held a livestream titled “WoW’s final stream” as a farewell to the game he has been with for many years. imQuazii is not the only MMO player to give up on World of Warcraft, his colleague, streamer Asmongold also quit the game to switch to World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy 14.​

imQuazii’s farewell livestream did not go smoothly, the game encountered a series of technical errors right from the start. The male streamer then listed a list of pros and cons of World of Warcraft and thanked the game for bringing him beautiful memories over the years. Next, he also shared the reasons why the fate of both sides stopped here: First, the Battle For Azeroth expansion was disappointing, the Covenant system was unbalanced, and the changes in the Shadowlands expansion caused obstacles. return to gameplay, the developers do not care about community feedback. At the end of the livestream, imQuazii deleted all of its characters one by one and announced the end of the game.​


Not only that, the incident sexual harassment has just been revealed Activision Blizzard It also makes many gamers lose trust in the developer. This company is having too many internal scandals and is gradually distancing itself from its players.

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