Steam announces incentives for the first half of 2024

This early year, Steam announced the time of our promotional programs 2024. This promotional calendar includes a number of themed sale events such as Festival Capitalist economy, Pirate Fighting Ninjas Festival, Next Fest, Dinosaur vs Robot and Deck Building Festival. The announcement also revealed the date of one of Steam’s highly anticipated seasonal sale events, the Spring Sale. However, that’s not all the events for 2024 are. Steam has continued to share more events that will take place in the post-spring period.


Valve’s game delivery platform has revealed more events included FPS Festival, Farm festival, Replay Festival, Open World Survival Crafting Festival, Second Next Fest, and Summer Deals. As the title indicates, the festivals will revolve around a certain theme. Each festival revolves around games with the same theme and users will enjoy preferential prices on related titles as well as experience free demos and updates on upcoming games. . Big seasonal sales like the Summer Sale are larger-scale events, offering deep discounts across all game genres.

Next Fest, once known as Steam Game Festival, is an event that focuses on future games by giving fans a chance to try out demos, interact with developers, and find out more about the future of gaming. understand about upcoming games. Next Fest is a multi-day event that takes place three times a year. The summer sale is probably the most anticipated event on the list. Steam’s seasonal events often offer sizable discounts on hot titles.

Here’s the Steam Festival & Deals schedule for the first half of 2024 (PT)

  • Capitalist Economy Festival: January 8 – January 15​

  • Pirate Fighting Ninja Festival: January 22 – January 29​

  • Next Fest: February 5 – February 12​

  • Remote Play Together: February 12 – February 19​

  • Dinosaur vs Robot Festival: February 26 – March 4

  • Spring promotion: March 14 – March 21 (big seasonal deals)​

  • Deck Building Festival: March 25 – April 1​

  • FPS Festival: April 15 – April 22​

  • Farm Festival: April 29 – May 6

  • Play again and again festival: May 13 – May 20​

  • Open world survival crafting festival: May 27 – June 3

  • Next Fest: June 10 – June 17​

  • Summer deals: June 27 – July 11 (big seasonal deals).

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