The best games of 2022 are developed with a team of 300 people


Armored Core 6 is a project of great magnitude FromSoftware. This is shown through the game’s flashy trailers even though AC6 does not have the participation of director Hidetaka Miyazaki. Many people are probably wondering how FromSoftware divides its time and resources to prepare for both AC6 and its big DLC. Elden Ring. In a recent interview, the director and producer of Armored Core 6 shared about the size of the studio and how they work.

Producer Yasunori Ogura “We never thought players would read the entire staff roster at the end of each game and make comparisons,” joked. To put things into perspective, we only have about 400 employees at FromSoftware, and about 300 of these people are developers. That team of developers is rotated between projects as needed, depending on the current state of the project and the stage of development.”


Ogura is a long-time employee of FromSoftware. He has worked in PR and marketing for more than twenty Fromsoftware games, from Shadow Tower: Abyss to Elden Ring. Armored Core 6 is the first game Mr. Yasunori Ogura takes on as a production director. He also explained that the game has a large staff, larger than previous Armored Cores games.

The production director shared: “At peak time, there will be up to 200, 230 developers involved in implementing Armored Core 6. The same thing happens with Elden Ring. Therefore, employees are rotated flexibly as needed.” By comparison, Armored Core 5 (released in 2012) only had about 80 internal development staff. After 10 years, the number was about 200 developers is a pretty real change. And the best game of 2022 is done on a similar scale.

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