I heard that this game is for young people who lack seniority…

If you’ve had enough horror, shooting, and fighting, we invite you to change things up a bit with a game full of pretty girls called “Proud To Love’s Secret to Picking Up Girls”. It’s only been released on Steam for two days, but the game seems to be loved by many people with the majority of positive feedback.

“Tu Hao’s Secret to Getting Girls” is an interactive cinematic game, all characters in the game are played by real people and players can participate in the plot by choosing the characters’ actions or decisions. As the game’s name suggests, you will play the male protagonist Vuong Tu Hao, a man who used to be a gaming genius but whose life quickly plummeted after being betrayed by his best friend and stealing the game he designed. Bored with life, Tu Hao let himself go, sitting in an internet cafe all day to forget his sorrows.

Life seemed to be falling to rock bottom when his father, who had been missing for many years and was also a notorious business tycoon, suddenly contacted Tu Hao again. After just one night, from a miserable loser, Tu Hao suddenly became a young master with tens of billions of inheritance and six beautiful beauties surrounding him.

Six beautiful actresses will play the six girlfriends who secretly love Pride:​

“Meeting you is the only ray of light in my long, gloomy days” – Ngo Diem Diem, 19 years old, part-time cafe waiter.


“Loving you is my innate instinct” – Cuc Duy, 23 years old, doctoral student in botany.


“You are forever my number 1 choice in this life full of uncertainty and confusion” – Trieu Kim Hoa, 27 years old, female racer and owner of a motor repair shop.

“If you just take one step forward, I’m willing to give you everything I have” – ​​Duong Kieu Le, 24 years old, new hotgirl on the internet.


“I have never belonged to anyone but you” – VIVI, actor in the game.


“I believe, what you want to do will definitely be done” – Han Huyen, 29 years old, director of a game company.

Each person has their own look, each person has their own personality, and they all have affection and admiration for the male lead. Players need to chat and make important decisions to develop relationships with girls as well as change their fate. Although the plot seems like a three-way romance, the beautiful flesh-and-blood characters will bring an extremely realistic love experience, a whirlwind of emotions and ambitions, with laughter and also tears.

Download “Tu Hao’s secret to flirting with girls” at:

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