Talon defeated Valencia CF Esports, officially becoming the New King of AIC 2023

Final Results: Talon destroy Valencia CF Esports with a convincing score of 4-2, officially becoming the defending champion AIC 2023

Kick-off Finals AIC 2023, Valencia CF Esports surprised by overwhelming the “giant” Talon, opening with an impressive 1-0. With sublime performance, Valencia CF Esports continued to transform spectacularly, increasing the score to 2-0. However, Talon is not an easy opponent. Number 1 seed RPL immediately fought back, shortening the score to 1-2. Thoroughly controlling the match, Talon continued to win quickly, leveling the score at 2-2.

Talon was able to equalize the score, bringing the battle back to the starting line

The match was at hand, Thailand’s number 1 seed took the lead in the third game. Although Valencia CF Esports made a change in this important game, it still could not create a surprise. Taking advantage of victory, Talon caused Valencia CF Esports to collapse in the 6th game. Destroying the opponent with a score of 4-2, Talon officially became the defending champion of AIC 2023. Closing the journey and legacy that Talon left to prove that they are truly the most worthy candidates for the championship trophy Arena of valor AIC International 2023

Defending champion AIC 2023 calls Talon

Announcement of awards and FMVP AIC 2023

All three teams, Talon, Valencia CF Esports and Flash Wolves, gave their all in the past 2 days of competition. Their fiery matches contributed to making the AIC 2023 season full of emotions. With the achieved achievements, the teams will win the following corresponding awards: ​

  • AIC 2023 Quartermaster – Flash Wolves: Reward received 70,000$​

  • AIC 2023 runner-up – Valencia CF Esports: Reward of $100,000​

  • Defending champion AIC 2023 – Talon: Reward of $200,000​

Along with that, player TLN.Erez also received the prestigious FMVP award with a total prize value of $7,000. Throughout the undefeated journey, Talon’s ADC always showed confidence and bravery. This title is not only a worthy reward for TLN.Erez but also a gift of gratitude for the audience who has accompanied him during the past time.

With an impressive journey, TLN.Erez received the FMVP AIC 2023 award

Myra Tran and SlimV exploded with the opening of the AIC 2023 Finals

The AIC 2023 Final stage had the special presence of Myra Tran and Slimz. The majestic and emotional performance of the two artists added heat to the Military Region 7 Gymnasium. The whole arena seemed to explode in uplifting notes. Surely this will be one of the memorable memories of the 2023 AIC season.

Myra Tran performed the AIC 2023 theme song – “Mark your legacy” extremely impressively

SlimV made the audience explode because of his emotional performance

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