Taking the console to sell, the robbed man was shot and killed on the spot

Aurora city police (Colorado, USA) have just announced the case of Andy Billinger, 38 years old, who was shot and killed last week in the parking lot of a McDonald’s store. It is known that when the unfortunate incident happened, he was in the process of selling one console. console let customers know you online.


“He was shot and died while selling game consoles,” police said. To be exact, at around 6:30 p.m. last Tuesday, Billinger made an appointment to meet a customer online to negotiate to sell him a console. The two agreed to meet in the McDonald’s parking lot located on South Parker Street. At that time, the suspect shot and killed Billinger.

Before Billinger’s unexpected passing, his girlfriend sadly said that he was a filial person who often delivered food and sold other items to make ends meet and support his mother.

“He is trying very hard to work and take care of his family. Andy is a super kind person and willing to help anyone. He is a funny, sensitive and profound guy.”

The case is being actively investigated but the perpetrator has not yet been identified. The police also warned people to be vigilant when conducting online transactions, especially high-value items such as gaming machine.

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