Super Academy 3D continues to reveal in-game images with extremely sharp Pokemon graphics

Super 3D academy belongs to the turn-based strategy game series, integrated with many diverse dungeon activities, bringing players exciting experiences revolving around searching, training and fighting. Pokemon. In fact, the game will be officially released by Boom Games Vietnam on Android and iOS platforms on December 6. But right from the moment the release date was announced, Super Academy 3D quickly won the hearts of the gaming community.


The gameplay seems familiar but very interesting

Like many games inspired by the Pokemon anime, players will begin capturing and training Pokemon to fight. The strength of each Pokemon will play an important role in future battles, so choose the super beasts that best suit your strategy and focus on upgrading their skills, ensuring your team Your image is strong enough to sweep all fronts in your journey to conquer the world.

Attractive gameplay in Super Academy 3D

The game realistically recreates the journey of capturing Pokemon, with a large map and engaging storyline. PvP matches, Arenas and medal halls, give players a fierce and dramatic sense of competition.

Recreate the vast Pokemon world with many unique Pokemon capture maps

Diverse Pokemon system

3D Super Academy owns a diverse Pokemon system with more than 100 types, classified into 5 different ranks R – SR – SSR – UR – Mega. Each Pokemon has its own unique appearance and skills. At the same time, they are also divided into 18 mutually incompatible attributes. From there, the game opens up a diverse and rich Pokemon world, creating many different fighting strategies.

Pokemon system with many levels

Besides, each type of Pokemon can be upgraded and evolved. They not only help change appearance but also unlock many special skills to help players easily win.

Mega Evolution system helps increase combat power

One of the most unique features of 3D Super Academy is Mega Evolution, where trainers can dramatically increase the fighting power of each Pokemon. And if you are familiar with the shimmering world of Pokemon movies, then surely you know the special evolutionary abilities of these creatures. After being awakened, Pokemon not only “transforms” in appearance but also gains new skills and becomes stronger. To achieve this, players need to collect suitable items so that the evolution process can proceed quickly.

The Mega Evolution feature is the highlight of the game

Besides, features such as equipment, enhancements, breakthroughs, and talents… help players create powerful warriors, creating great pressure in fierce battles.

Pokemon level up screen creates breakthrough power in battles

Challenge copies to receive additional resources

Another unique feature in Super Academy 3D is providing many activities and copies to help players collect more resources. From hand gestures to hang mode and level scanning, players can earn a series of free resources every day, both helping to strengthen the team and ensuring the game experience is never boring.

Diverse free resources for vegetarian players

Top notch 3D graphics

Designed in a modern style with an extremely vivid 3D graphics platform, Super Academy 3D gives players a familiar feeling when entering a magical world. In particular, the game development team has very skillfully followed the original to create a realistic Pokemon world. Despite using sharp 3D graphics, game performance is still excellently optimized to suit all players’ devices, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience throughout the game. game experience.

Hundreds of childhood Pokemon are perfectly recreated at Super Academy 3D

The graphics background is meticulously cared for, creating an attractive and lively Pokemon world. From characters, costume colors to Pokemon, everything is very detailed. Especially the effects when Pokemon perform skills are extremely beautiful.

Overall, with the combination of extremely impressive graphics, rich Pokemon system and diverse activities, Super Academy 3D is definitely a game worth experiencing at the end of this year.

Especially, just join official community of Super Academy 3D, players can quickly update information about the game and receive attractive rewards such as Pokemon gifts or even iPhone 15. Don’t forget to download Super Academy 3D now. HERE to start your journey to become the number 1 Pokemon trainer

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