Error for stealth gamers returns to the world’s most popular FPS game

Many Warzone players have expressed their disappointment Redditdiscuss their discomfort with Call of Duty Warzone. Clips reporting stealth gamer bugs have been posted regularly since the mid-Season 4 update, but a recently posted clip has angered the player community. Readers can watch the clip here. In the clip, the player is shot repeatedly from invisible enemies and then the player is suddenly knocked out.


Reddit user Lma0-Zedong pointed out that error stealth player comes from improper use of the Red Door system: “2 errors related to Red Doors, 1 error related to PS Sessions and another error related to Loadout/Crash Crates. I have reported the above 4 errors to Activision but there is nothing confirmed in the patch notes.”

This is not the first time the stealth bug has appeared in Warzone. This type of bug has been present since Season 1 and the Grinch’s Forest Spirit costume also encountered the same error.


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