Summary of early reviews of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth – GOTY 2024 is this?

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth just lifted its review embargo last night. Let’s join GameHub to review the reviews of major newspapers about this game that is predicted to become GOTY of 2024!

IGN – 9/10

After 82 hours of trial play, completing the main storyline and many side quests, the game still has a lot to do, enough to see the huge scale of the game.

Mini-games, branch missions, and countless other entertaining activities fill the game’s large map, making familiar locations feel new and lively. Besides, the game also perfectly recreates the things that made the original game famous.


However, the ending of Rebirth made a mistake, causing the timeline to become chaotic. However, this is still an ending that evokes many thoughts.

Therefore, although there are still some shortcomings, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is still a masterpiece that makes players shake.

GameSpot – 8/10


  • Exploration and discovery combine to keep players fascinated.​

  • The cooperative system pushes combat to a new level.​

  • Taking the character as the focus, as the plot progresses, it continuously deepens and exploits the character, making the character even more memorable.​

  • Activities and side quests also contribute to the storytelling.​


  • The outcome is not very good, even disastrous.​

  • Required mini-games cause the game flow to be interrupted.​


PC Games – 100/100

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is an excellent game, even better than Remake, which is also very good. Because the scale of Rebirth is even larger, Remake feels like a small chapter, and now the game officially begins. Despite its large scale, reviewers never had a boring moment.

VGC – 100/100

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is an excellent RPG game with the best characters. Although in the large open world there is some relatively interesting content, the main storyline is also a bit incomplete, but the journey with Aerith, Tifa and other characters will definitely make players feel It’s fun, you can play for hundreds of hours without getting bored.

On the review aggregator site Metacritic, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth currently has a score as high as 93. Fans have begun to congratulate, even thinking that the game can reserve a spot in the competitive GOTY 2024 race. The game will officially launch on February 29 on PS5.​

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