Summary of competition results of Vietnamese e-sports at ASIAD 19 on September 27, 2023

I – Competition results:

1. Department Dream Three Kingdoms 2

  • Group stage (BO1 format)

Vietnam vs Kyrgyzstan: 1 – 0
Vietnam vs Nepal: 1 – 0

Evaluate: Opponents from Central Asia and South Asia are not too big an obstacle for the Vietnam national team in the Group stage series. After winning overwhelmingly in 2 consecutive games, we entered the quarterfinals in first place and will meet Kyrgyzstan again – the top 2 country in the same group. In the post-match interview this morning, the Vietnam national team shared that the toughest opponents are China, Thailand and Hong Kong.​

2. Department League of Legends

  • Quarterfinals (BO3 format)

Vietnam vs India: 2 – 0


Evaluate: With two matches lasting just over 16 minutes each, the Vietnamese national team easily won an absolute victory over the representative from India. In particular, player Tran Quoc Hung (Artemis) achieved a pentakill in the final minutes of round 1, and was also the first pentakill of League of Legends at the tournament. ASIAD 19. Meanwhile, similar to Vietnam, Chinese Taipei also won a ticket to the Semi-finals after defeating the representative from Malaysia, becoming Vietnam’s next opponent.

II – Match schedule on September 28, 2023: (GMT +7)

– Dream Three Kingdoms 2 – Quarterfinals
08:00 Vietnam vs Kyrgyzstan (BO3 format)

– League of Legends (Semi-finals)
13:00 Vietnam – Chinese Taipei (BO3 format)

– PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version
18:00 Group C round: Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, Mongolia

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