Strategy game Crossfire: Legion officially revealed

During the recently held Summer Game Fest event, one of the names that surprised players the most was Crossfire: Legion. Title strategy game real time set in space Cross fire This is currently being developed by Blackbird Interactivethe studio behind Homeworld and Hardspace: Shipbreaker.​


Blackbird Interactive was founded about 10 years ago by Relic and EA, the first game this studio released was the strategy game Homeworld: Desert of Kharak in 2016. With rich experience and famous IPs , the studio hopes to bring players a game RTS More action-packed with Crossfire: Legion.

Main Smilegate – the developers of Crossfire approached Blackbird Interactive after they played Deserts of Kharak. The Korean game studio was extremely impressed with the game and wanted Blackbird to develop an RTS game for its FPS Crossfire series, and that is how Crossfire: Legion was born.​


Crossfire: Legion will have a single-player campaign full of tanks, mechs, planes, trains, jets… as well as a classic RTS multiplayer experience. Besides, there will also be large-scale battles that promise to fill the player’s screen with breathtaking explosion effects. Players can also use the Commander’s power to buff, debuff, and take advantage of other abilities to turn the tide of battle. Crossfire: Legion is expected to officially launch in 2022 on the PC platform.​

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