Starfield vs. Fallout 4 – Which game has a longer main story?


From Fallout 3 to The Elder Scrolls 6: Skyrim, the games of Bethesda always famous for being the longest role-playing games ever, thanks to the huge amount of content. In this respect, Starfield is certainly not an exception and the game has a lot for players to explore. From joining the wily Crimson Fleet to participating in dogfights in the far corners of the galaxy, each player’s experience is likely to be completely unique. This means that the amount of time each player spends in Starfield will likely vary widely depending on the amount of content they choose to interact with in the game, but the main plot will be a little easier to follow.

Although Starfield has an impressive scale, players will be surprised to learn that if they ignore the content and side activities, they can quickly beat the game. When fully focused campaign main, Starfield can actually be finished in less than 20 hours. This makes Starfield one of Bethesda’s shortest games, a rather astonishing fact considering the over 1000 planets present in the game. However, it is worth noting that aside from speedrunners, very few gamers want to rush to complete Starfield. For completionists or those looking for a good mix of main and side content, Bethesda’s new game can offer between 50 and 200 playtime.

Time needed to complete Starfield’s main storyline: 20 hours
Time to complete all Starfield content: 50-200+ hours

Time needed to complete the main storyline of Fallout 4: 30 hours
Time to complete all Fallout 4 content: 100+ hours


Fallout 4 proved itself to be one of Bethesda’s best titles upon release in 2015. The game introduced the gritty, post-apocalyptic world of the Commonwealth. Fallout 4 builds on the success of Fallout 3, creating an engaging, richly detailed experience. Even if only focusing on the main story, players will still need about 30 hours to complete the campaign.

Players are still learning the many unsolved mysteries of Starfield. Some people have criticized the game’s size, commenting that some planets are too barren and uninteresting, but this is the part of the experience that shows off a vast and lonely universe. The developer has succeeded in creating a role-playing game that brings players closer to experiencing life in space.​

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