Stellar Blade will launch a free demo this Friday

Stellar Blade, ShiftUp’s action-packed action game, won’t officially launch until the end of April, but eager players will be able to try out the title this week. The free demo will be available on the PlayStation Store on Friday, March 29 and will take players into the opening moments of Stellar Blade. Readers can check out the teaser below to get a first look at the demo:​

Game director Hyung Tae Kim gave a more in-depth explanation on the PlayStation Blog. He wrote, “This first stage will include a tutorial to familiarize you with basic combat features as you explore post-war Eidos 7, a human city currently invaded by Naytiba, helping you get an early grasp Getting to grips with the mechanics will serve you throughout the game’s story.


Stellar Blade has been in development quietly for the past few years (initially called Project EVE) before being introduced in-depth during the State of Play event in January this year. The game follows Eve, wielder of the Stellar Blade, on her journey back to Earth to save the people there from alien and robot attacks.


Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive launching on April 26. Its demo launches on March 29 at 9:00 p.m. Vietnam time.

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