Dragon’s Dogma 2 gamers plan to “wipe out” NPCs to improve game performance

Dragon’s Doma 2 was officially launched today and was immediately warmly received by gamers. Without a doubt, this is an excellent game with unique gameplay and a large world to explore. However, the game is not without its weaknesses, and one of them is its performance. Many players are disappointed because the game’s unlimited frame rate is only 30FPS on console. Many people were concerned about the performance of Dragon’s Dogma 2 in early reviews, and they have come true. Capcom acknowledged these issues in a recent statement.


According to IGN, Capcom explained that some performance issues are due to the game using a large amount of CPU for calculations “physical presence” of characters in the game. In areas with many characters, such as busy towns and villages, CPU usage “can be very high“, leading to performance and frame rate issues.

That’s suddenly good news for Dragon’s Dogma fans, as we now know what’s causing the frame rate drops – and Capcom is looking to improve them – but it’s extremely bad news for with NPCs. After learning that NPCs were the cause of the game’s performance issues, fans are now planning to write down a comprehensive list of “unimportant” characters that players can “wipe out”. ” safely to improve frame rates. If readers want, they can participate in the discussion in the topic on Reddit.


Obviously, you can kill everyone in a town or city to increase the frame rate, but doing so risks losing potential side missions and interesting plots. Unlike the first game, every NPC in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is gone forever once they die, meaning you can wipe out the entire map if you want. If one of those people happens to be a side quest giver, you can revive them from the morgue for a short period of time or your quest will be gone forever.


With this list, players are hoping that they will be able to “wipe out” the useless NPCs while keeping the important ones, and when it comes to “useless” NPCs, no one is safe. One Reddit user had a plan to kill every NPC that wasn’t a shop owner, women, and children. They are also planning to kill every guard because they will have no one to protect after the “purge” takes place.


Even if he is the one giving the quest, that NPC is not necessarily safe. Reddit user Nameless_Default shares their terrible idea of ​​doing a side quest, claiming the reward, and killing that NPC right after to increase performance. It’s going to be an absolute bloodbath on Dragon’s Dogma 2’s launch day and it’s all just to “appease” the gods of frame rates. And you, will you choose between “ingame ethics” or 15 FPS?

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