Steam reached 10 million users playing games at the same time

Besides reaching 32 million users are online at the same time, Steam also just surpassed the milestone of 10 million players opening the game at one time for the first time. According to SteamDBthe milestone was established on Saturday, January 7, where the number of concurrent players in the game was 10,082,055 million and online users reached 32,186,301.


In terms of games experienced by more than 10 million users, the top game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with 1.08 million concurrent players, followed by DOTA 2 (766,096), Goose Goose Duck (605,694), PUBG: Battlegrounds (439,944) and Apex Legends (367,585).

The above numbers are the results after the holiday season and the end of one of Steam’s major sales. In addition, at present there are no new blockbuster games released.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Steam’s concurrent user records have continued to be broken. Since Thanksgiving 2021, the number of online users of the platform has reached 27.3 million and is constantly increasing.​

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