Steam opens 2024 with a record of 33 million users online


According to statistics from Steam Database, the digital platform of Valve recorded 33,675,229 online accounts on January 7, of which 10,837,140 users were logged into the games and this number broke a record other of Steam. Twelve months ago, Valve welcomed more than 10 million users to its games for the first time at a time in January 2023. It seems like the first weekend of the new year is a great time for many people to experience the games they got from the holidays.

The top ranking of the most played games last weekend included two very familiar names: Counter-Strike 2 in first place, with a peak of 1.2 million players, followed by Dota 2. with over 730,000 players logging in on January 7.


Two other high-achieving games in the rankings are PUBG: Battlegrounds with more than 500,000 players participating in the mortal arena and nearly 300,000 players experiencing the best game of 2023 Baldur’s Gate 3.

The remaining games in the Top 10 include indie horror game Lethal Company, classic shooter Team Fortress 2, blockbuster GTA V, Rust and Call of Duty. The above games all attracted at least 140,000 players online over the weekend.​

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