Professional Apex Legends Tournament Interrupted by Hacker


The tournament’s North American regional finals Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) was postponed following the intervention of hacker. The incident has divided the community Apex Legends as many fans and professional players demanded a better anti-cheat system.

ALGS recently held its first tournament series for the North American region to determine the region’s 12 representatives for the Split 1 Playoffs in May. However, the validity of the above tournament has been questioned. Interviewed after the player DarkZero Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose discovered live during the livestream that a hacker had made him able to see through walls mid-match, forcing Genburten to leave the Apex Legends match immediately. The hacker also left a message on Genburten’s screen, which proves that this player did not install cheats on his device. Genburten was later replaced during ALGS’ Game 4 reset, despite concerns from experts and Apex Legends fans.


However, the ALGS organizers were forced to stop Game 4 midway through another hacking incident. This time, Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen of the TSM team discovered that a hacker had installed an aimbot on his account. Shortly after, ALGS announced on social network case.

The Apex Legends community was shocked by what happened. Some people accused both players of actually cheating, despite evidence like messages hackers left on Genburten’s screen. Professional players and fans emphasized that the above incident is a wake-up call for Respawn to review Apex Legends’ security issues to avoid similar incidents in ALGS tournaments as well as non-tournament matches. .


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