Steam once again broke the record for the number of users online

After breaking 26 million concurrent users online in April, Steam has now set one up record new with 27,384,959 accounts logged in at the same time according to statistics of SteamDB. Among them, 7.8 million users are directly playing the game. Although this number is lower than the record of 8.1 million in March 2020, the reality is that many people still play CS: GO.


Last weekend’s Thanksgiving was certainly a contributing factor to the record, as when many people had time off, they turned on their computers and Steam was automatically logged in. Sales on Black Friday as well as Cyber ​​Monday are another reason, thanks to price incentives, many users take advantage of buying games on this occasion.


The games currently with the highest number of online players are CS: GO (915,791), Dota 2 (677,744) and PUBG (344,841). Halo Infinite also attracted 146,212 players – not a bad number, but many of them were cheaters who were “ostracized” from Xbox.​

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