Steam is about to have the technology to still play games that can’t be downloaded yet?

Valve are working on some very exciting updates for Steam, in which the feature that allows users to play games while downloading the game itself has attracted everyone’s attention. This feature is disclosed in a patent filed by the developer.

The above patent was filed in March 2020 and it was only recently that SteamDB founder Pavel Djundik was able to discover and share the most interesting content of the patent on Twitter.

Essentially, Steam is building a system that tracks data reads performed by a given game’s exe file, thereby outlining the content and how often the data is accessed. The developer will then use this telemetry to prioritize the loading of certain files to allow users to start playing without having to wait for the game to load.


The same technology can also help Steam remove unused files without compromising data integrity, such as when users need to free up space. Valve explains that new technology Can even support preloading certain files to reduce loading latency.

This type of aerial system is completely new. Job Play games while downloading data is one of the outstanding features of PS4 and Xbox One. Today the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S also use similar technology.

In fact, Valve tested a similar system in 2015, when Mortal Kombat 10 was released. The system divided the data to be loaded into small parts but this method was counterproductive and caused some problems. problem when playing Mortal Kombat 10.


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