Death Stranding 2 released a 9-minute trailer, revealing the official name and many details from the plot


At the event State of Play first of 2024, Kojima Productions has introduced a brand new Trailer for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. The trailer begins with Fragile and one of her partners saving a person from Death Stranding who suddenly wakes up. Afterwards, Fragile took Sam to see their new base of operations and explained that he had founded a new organization, Drawbridge, to reconnect the world, similar to what Sam had done with UCA.

According to Fragile, Drawbridge is funded by a mysterious benefactor, who Sam suspects is connected to UCA. The shipper once again set out to unify the world, bringing new areas into the network, and this time Sam had a new companion, a strange little puppet, possessing useful experience and knowledge.

The trailer also showcases a variety of environments, suggesting that Part 2 is even more ambitious than the first game. According to the narrator: “You helped bring America together, helped it become the UCA, but I fear Death Stranding is far from over. Humanity is still in danger, still on the brink of extinction.”

As for gameplay, fans will meet a “familiar” face from part 1, which is Higgs. Higgs now wears a samurai robot appearance and uses an electric guitar as a weapon. The trailer also reveals a few things about the fate of BB-28 and the return of many other characters.


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