Spirittea – A harmonious combination of Stardew Valley and Spirited Away


Spirittea Developed by a one-man studio Cheesemaster Games. The game is partly funded from the above capital raising program Kickstarterraised over $19,400 CAD in early 2020. Cheesemaster founder Dan Beckerton finally received help from No More Robotsan indie publisher behind unique role-playing games like Descenders, Not Tonight, Nowhere Prophet and Yes, Your Grace.


The game is now available on the Game Pass service, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Microsoft Store. According to the Kickstarter campaign, this management simulator game will also have Android and iOS versions. Mr. Beckerton once shared that Spirittea will likely appear on PS4, but has not yet officially confirmed the PlayStation version of the game.

Spirittea has a sophisticated interior decoration system as well as a setting inspired by timeless Studio Ghibli classics such as Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. The game developer once revealed that Spirittea was inspired by the time he spent living in Asia.

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