Specializing in turning beautiful women into “ugly girls”, the studio receives criticism from the gaming community

Sweet Baby Inc. – a studio specializing in consulting on game diversity, including political and LGBT+ elements, has recently sparked controversy in the community when it intervened too deeply in the development process. development, and at the same time spread harmful ideas into the game. The conflict was pushed to a climax when “Sweet Baby Inc detected” – a Steam Appraiser page created by user Kabrutusrambo with the purpose of listing games with the participation of Sweet Baby Inc., was discovered and became a target of this company’s attack.

More about Sweet Baby Inc. has cooperated with many famous developers in the industry such as Xbox Studios, EA, Valve, Santa Monica Studio, 2K, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Warner Bros… Also participating in the development process of many popular games Alan Wake 2 (analysis of sensitive factors), God of War Ragnarök (plot consultant, characters), Spider-Man 2 (plot consultant), Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (plot consultant)… In God of War Ragnarök, goddess in Norse mythology – Angrboða, turning into a person of color is also due to the impact of Sweet Baby Inc.​

The female lead in Fable 4 received criticism from the gaming community

MJ’s Spiderman 2 It’s not much better either

This studio is also famous for using images of beautiful prototypes to create game characters with “underappreciated” beauty. Most recently, we can mention the main character of Fable 4. Although it has not been released yet, the game has received many “criticisms” from players because of the disappointing female lead image. The character MJ in Spiderman2 also suffered from a similar situation and it was not surprising that Sweet Baby Inc. is Insomniac Games’ partner in this project.

Sweet Baby Inc. Advisor Maya Felix Kramer posted a long letter protesting Kabrutusrambo’s Steam Appraiser page, criticizing that players are going against diversity and fairness in the game. Another employee of this company, Chris Kindred, encouraged his followers to attack Kabrutusrambo, and also made his personal Steam account public.

Kabrutusrambo’s Steam page has more than 100,000 supporters

These moves by Sweet Baby Inc. Not only did it not receive approval, but it also sparked a wave of protest in the gaming community. At the time of writing, “Sweet Baby Inc detected” had 104,694 followers. Meanwhile, Chris Kindred had to delete all of his previous tweets and set his social network account to private mode, the official account of Sweet Baby Inc. is also locked.

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