Sorry but the spelling was wrong, Barcelona continued to be attacked after the player’s ambiguous statement

As GameHub reported a few days ago, an unflattering video shot during their 2019 Japan tour Barcelona It was suddenly posted online and caused this club a lot of trouble. Specifically in the video, the player Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele did not hesitate to hurl insults right in front of the Japanese technicians, saying that they had “ugly faces”, strange language and underdeveloped technology. Barcelona then had to post an apology, but unfortunately, this action only caused the club to receive more criticism for… spelling mistakes.


The apology was posted in both English and Japanese, but in some confusing way in the Japanese text, an error appeared right from the first sentence: “FC Barcelona, ​​FC Barcelona deeply regrets…” (FC Barcelona, ​​FC Barcelona deeply regrets…). Reading through it doesn’t seem like a problem, but if you pay attention, it’s clear that Barcelona overwrites “FC Barcelona”, instead just “FC Barcelona deeply regrets…” as in the English text would be enough.

As soon as the mistake was pointed out, Japanese netizens were predictably dissatisfied. With such a formal document, small mistakes make the apology seem careless and insincere. Furthermore, on Twitter, only the Japanese FC Barcelona account has posted a public apology while the main English account has not yet. Fans are waiting for an explanation from the club as well as asking the team and players to directly apologize to the hotel staff who were offended by them.

The apology in English is correct

but the Japanese version has the extra word “FC Barcelona” written in it.

In Japan, there is a culture of apologizing, they consider apologizing to be extremely solemn. Previously, a Japanese Esports player even spent 7 minutes apologizing right after losing a Puyo Puyo tournament. Placed in that context, it is easy to understand why an insincere apology is unacceptable.

Up to now, Griezmann – one of two players who made racist statements has been subjected Konami Cancel the global ambassador contract for the brand Yu-Gi-Oh. He, it is known, also had to call and apologize to Hiroshi Mikitani – CEO of Rakuten – one of Barcelona’s largest sponsors.

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