Sony’s new shooting game climbed to the top of the best-selling games chart on Steam


Helldivers 2 has landed right at the top of the global best-selling games list Steambecomes a game Sony had its most successful launch on PC despite some initial server issues. According to Steam DB, Helldivers 2 has set a record for sales same player online highest of all games ever released by Sony on Valve’s platform. Specifically, since landing on February 8, title third person shooter attracted 81,840 players to join hands to prevent alien enemies from invading Super Earth. This number beats God of War’s achievement when it launched on PC two years ago.


This is currently the best-selling game by revenue on Steam, knocking the “Pokémon shooter” phenomenon Palword out of the top position as well as surpassing long-standing games on the list like PUBG or money-making machines. Valve’s products are Dota 2 and Counter-Strike 2. The appeal of Helldivers 2 has made developers at Arrowhead Game Studios suddenly and the developers fell into “crisis mode” when the servers were overloaded with the enthusiasm of thousands of Helldivers, warriors trying to log into the game to fight against the threat from alien.

Server issues are one of the main reasons why Helldivers 2 currently has a “Mixed” review rating on Steam. Players frequently report crashes and are kicked out of the game abruptly. Additionally, some have also complained about the game’s approach to releasing upgrades and how microtransactions operate. Arrowhead quickly released a fix to Steam that stabilized the game, though it did not address a number of other issues reported by players.

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