Naraka: Bladepoint teases new champion “Quan Vu Iron Cavalry” Nhac Son

In mid-September, Naraka: Bladepoint Officially updated with new characters Valda Cui in patch 1,002,000 for PC and PS5. However, this female dragon king is not the only character that Naraka: Bladepoint plans to release later this year. Recently, the developer continued to “tease” fans with a video introducing new champions Nhac Son.

Last night (October 6), Naraka: Bladepoint officially revealed “Quan Vu Thiet Ky” Nhac Son on the official Weibo, and also posted a video introducing gamers to the first images of this character. . There is speculation that Nhac Son was inspired by a military officer of the Ming Dynasty.


Guan Yu Iron Cavalry is the name of a real army in history during the Ming Dynasty, known as the “Thang Sheng Army” because it achieved many glorious victories for the court. This army once beheaded the Mongol king, defeated the Bat Ky army, assassinated Dorgon, pursued Ly Tu Thanh, Truong Hien Trung… Even Khang Hy once ordered the Bat Ky army to fight against Quan Vu Thiet Ky was afraid of too many casualties. However, in the end, after the death of Commander Ngo Quoc Quy, Quan Vu Thiet Ky also disbanded.


In the relationship chart of the characters in Narka: Bladepoint, it can be seen that there is an imperial general who has an extremely complicated relationship with Valda Cui (Valda Cui) and Ly Thuong Hai (Tarka Ji), that is most likely the new general Nhac Son. It is known that Nhac Son is expected to officially launch next November.

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