Soccer Crypto – What’s special about the World Cup soccer NFT game?

The GameFi boom in 2021 is predicted to grow stronger and has created countless miracles. Along with that, NFT is also shining very strongly in the years 2021 – 2022, especially with skyrocketing trading volume.

Not only that, there are only a few weeks left until the 2022 FIFA World Cup takes place, and everywhere in the world is waiting. So, what happens when combined? NFT Games and football together.

GameFi NFT market value is growing rapidly

The GameFi market is currently over $8 billion and is predicted to grow to over $50 billion by 2025 (data from Therefore, it can be said that gamefi will explode in the coming years.

GameFi NFT has expanded the definition of “cryptocurrency” in the field blockchain and received enthusiastic response from the community. According to Chainplay’s latest survey, more than 75% of new investors will learn about and invest in GameFi NFTs.

GameFi NFT is expected to be a new step forward for the traditional gaming industry and grow 6.5 times stronger by 2025 compared to this year (data from Even GameFi NFTs are gaining acceptance and reaching mass consumers. Not to mention that GameFi NFT can completely attract a large number of traditional gamers, gamers and even newcomers with no knowledge of games.


New trend of World Cup 2022 season: Football + NFT + GameFi

FIFA World Cup 2022 is only a few weeks away, helping the application of football to NFTs and GameFi have been thriving and attracting investors. From the beginning of 2022 until now, there are many big events that cannot be missed in this wave.

Typical among them is FIFA’s cooperation with Algorand to build an NFT platform and name it FIFA+. This will be a soccer-themed digital collection of the best moments of World Cup matches.

With that, the number of GameFi NFTs about football has increased significantly over the past four months. Some projects have achieved significant success, including the football game project Soccer Crypto. Play-to-Earn & Free-to-Play not only encourages a more dynamic football scene, but also has many potential applications for blockchain technologies in tournaments, entertaining but monetized gaming, promoting push the further development of metaverse and blockchain technology.

With successful fundraising, quality growth and vibrant communities, gamefi, NFT and Football, they are showing their potential and attracting a large number of investors and investment funds.

What is Soccer Crypto?

Soccer Crypto is a combination of passion for soccer and blockchain technology. Soccer Crypto aims to create a platform not only for NFT collection but also a platform for users to equip their NFT players with uniquely designed items and players. Besides, we strive to provide users with exciting experiences of multiplayer soccer matches with many exciting events and many rewards! In Soccer Crypto, players can play for free every day and earn tickets to exclusive intense matches to win the tournament’s grand prizes.


Outstanding features of Soccer Crypto

Free to Play – Free to Earn

Soccer Player offers a new player incentive program. After players log into the game and connect to their Metamask wallet for the first time, they will be rewarded with a free NFT Box. Players can open the NFT Box and receive the NFT Player to start participating in game modes. Users can participate in playing matches and receive reward tokens when winning matches in the game.

In addition, the project also has airdrops of a special 9,999 S-Legend Box free program to the community. Everyone just needs to participate in the event on Soccer Crypto social media channels to have a chance to receive an S-Legend box. With legendary level equipment with many stats, gaming users can receive more reward tokens.

Play to Earn – Play to Play (version 2)

To receive more rewards, players need to buy paid boxes to have the opportunity to own players with high stats and powerful items, helping to have a higher percentage of winning against opponents. Soccer Crypto has 3 main types of boxes (Common, Silver, Gold) and some special limited edition boxes. And when you open the box, you will have the opportunity to receive 1 of 4 types of players with stats according to 3 specified box types: Common, Rare, Epic, Legend corresponding to 4 different player card colors: Blue card, Green card. , Pink card, Gold card.


The special thing about Soccer Crypto’s Play to Earn mode is that players always receive tokens whether they win or lose. Players will receive 100% reward if they win and 50% reward if they lose. And rewards will gradually increase or decrease according to level. Not only that, Soccer Crypto also allows you to play 12 matches at the same time so you will earn as many tokens as possible. However, there is a small note that players need to recover their energy properly after each match to be able to become the strongest player.

Soccer Crypto with interesting mechanics and attractive rewards for players when they refer, players not only earn in-game money but also spread a great and fun game like Soccer Crypto.


Buyback and Burn (Inflation reduction mechanism)

Soccer Crypto will apply buyback & burn as a deflation mechanism to increase the long-term value of the SOW token. Tokens are burned to reduce SOW token circulation, stabilize token prices, and create deflation. The portion of game revenue used for buyback & burn is:​

  • NFT Marketplace – 100% of transaction fees are used for redemption and burn.​

  • Profits from NFT Box sales – 20% of profits from sales will be used for marketing and buyback & burn campaigns.​

  • Reserve Fund – 10% of Reserve Fund is used for buyback & burn quarterly.​

  • When players use $SOW to upgrade or repair Player Equipment and NFTs, $SOW tokens will be burned and the circulating supply of $SOW will be significantly reduced. 100% of the upgrade fee will be used for buyback & burn.​

  • Energy drinks – 100% of energy drink sales go to buyback & burn.​

Fund source and amount of buyback & burn tokens will be updated regularly according to each stage of project development. We will announce the buyback & burn process on the project’s social channels.


Soccer Crypto is a Free-to-play NFT game Free-to-earn and combines soccer – one of the strong trends in the future. This is a game with complete mechanisms in terms of financial management and team management. Players need to research and learn how to play properly to optimize capital flow and make money from the game. This is one of the potential projects that you should not miss during the 2022 World Cup football season.

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