Severely shocked by the male idol’s scandal, Nghich Thuy Han lets gamers with ID Ngo Diec Pham change their names for free

In recent days, the whole Chinese showbiz is reeling from the scandal of Kris Wu – famous Chinese male singer. The incident not only received the attention of Chinese people but also Vietnamese and Korean netizens. The latest information surrounding the incident is updated so quickly that many people do not dare to let go of their smartphones for fear of becoming “ancient people”.​


Recently, “ex-girlfriend” Do My Truc and many girls stood up to accuse Ngo Diec Pham of drinking alcohol, raping women, and having sex with minors. Accordingly, the male singer often uses the excuse of casting the female lead in a new MV or small-scale fan meeting to trick beautiful girls in his fandom to come to the hotel and play dirty tricks. Ngo Diec Pham also promised to give these girls luxury goods worth about 10,000 yuan (35 million VND) if they could introduce other young girls to him.

After this scandal broke out, a series of brands such as: Lancome, Porsche, Bvlgari, Vuong Gia Vinh Dieu, Tencent Video… announced the cancellation of contracts with Ngo Dieu Pham. Yesterday afternoon, Play with Thuy Han – title swordplay game The famous Chinese game surprised many gamers with its latest announcement: Giving all players whose ID contains the phrase “Wu Diec Pham” a chance to change their name for free.​

Nghich Thuy Han informs players with ID “Ngo Diec Pham” to change their name for free

Accordingly, all players who meet the conditions will receive a free name change card. The act of keeping up with this “current news” by publisher Nghich Thuy Han cannot help but make the gaming community stir. Many gamers think that this is a memorable experience. Next time, limit the use of famous people’s names as IDs in the game, otherwise once a scandal breaks out, there will be no time to “turn around”.

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