Meet the Sun – the first movie turned into a game officially launched

Meeting the Venerable is the first cultivating game with fashion elements in Vietnam from publisher MGOL – also the publisher of the two games Tien Lu Ky Duyen and Dai Hiep Run Di. The unique feature of the plot is that players will be able to transform into the romantic female protagonist and hear flirtatious sayings from domineering Confidants no different from the president.

The interface is close to the story of cultivating immortals

You will play the role of a little fairy who was abandoned by the whole family because she did not have magic power. With a strong and resilient nature, you do not give up and begin the journey to find your own life. No matter how difficult it is, there are always your Soulmates by your side – very familiar male gods in many Chinese novels such as Ma Ton, Bach Vo Niem, Lac Thien Chan… always help.

In particular, gamers can experience the feeling of dating with beautiful boys and girls. To experience love more realistically, Encounter the Ton Thuong has skillfully voiced handsome voices for each Soulmate. Therefore, bringing a very realistic dating and flirting experience to players.

Tri Ky is always with you

It can be seen that in addition to being a game with a fairy tale love story and unique fashion elements, NPH also cares about the emotional feelings of gamers.

Brightly colored flowers.

After many days of waiting, the game has finally officially launched 10:00 this morning, November 23 so that many players can begin to experience their romantic journey of cultivating immortality. NPH MGOL also offers many attractive benefits to new players of Encounter the Ton.


Log in for 7 days to receive Phuc Tinh Sa outfit

High Elves only need to log in for 7 days to receive the beautiful Phuc Tinh Sa costume and many valuable gifts such as Power Fruit, Silver Coupon, Linh Tuy Am, Recovery Order,…
So every day when you enter the game, don’t forget to check your attendance.​

7-day login benefit to receive Phu Tinh Sa

Get a free pack of 60 Diamonds every day

Every day when entering the game, just watch the advertisement 3 times to receive 60 Diamonds and other attractive items.

Benefits Free package

Promotional package 0 VND

Buy now the Private Package and Companion Package and you will get 100% Diamonds refunded. In particular, this promotion is only for new players and can only receive the benefit once.​

Benefits Promotional package 0 VND

Community event giving away huge Giftcodes

In addition to attractive ingame benefits, gamers should not forget that at Fanpage Meet Ton Thuong, the Launch Announcement Event is taking place – Get Genuine Codes Immediately. With just a few simple steps, High Elves can take home super quality Giftcodes that will help a lot in the High Elves’ spiritual journey at Meeting with the Supreme Being.


Overall, with an interesting and new concept, “Meet the Ton Thuong” promises to be the most worth-playing game today for romance fans in particular and the fashion and antique lovers community in general.

With a unique mechanism for players to choose their own storyline, Encounter with Ton Thuong will bring players into the surreal and poetic world of fairy tales and together draw a beautiful love story in this dreamscape.



Find out more information about the game at:​

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