Setting off fireworks in her home right on air, the Chinese female streamer was booed by netizens demanding her channel be banned

Lin FuFu is female streamer People China emerging on the platform Twitch, with nearly 100 thousand followers after only about 8 months of operation. Possessing a beautiful face and charming speaking talent, this girl also has about 100 thousand followers on other social networking sites. Her career as a streamer was developing steadily when suddenly an outrageous action by Lin on the air made fans angry, demanding to ban her channel.

Lin FuFu.

Specifically, on September 19, Lin FuFu and a few friends held a small and cozy barbecue party right on air. But for some unknown reason, the party took place indoors, but she bought a hand-held firework (the type to burn outdoors) and started… setting it off right on the livestream.

When the firecrackers exploded, the audience could clearly see that Lin’s friends were visibly upset and not happy at all. The reason is because the house space is not suitable for setting off fireworks, as well as the fireworks smoke is too dense and most importantly, this action can cause Lin and other friends to be injured.

Lin’s “going underground” fireworks display.

As soon as the video recording this fireworks scene was posted, it made the online community angry. The audience unanimously condemned this action as being too dangerous and foolish, and not having any creative content. Many people even booed and demanded her channel be banned. Hopefully after this incident, Lin FuFu will think more carefully about his actions on stream.


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