PUBG publisher was sued for dismissing harassed employees

Krafton – Publisher of the game battle royale cult PUBGwas recently sued for wrongfully terminating the contract of a female employee in 2023. The lawsuit was filed in court in Los Angeles last December.

This girl said that Kevin Kimball – Krafton’s head of strategy and business development at that time, harassed her at a party organized by Callisto Protocol developer Striking Distance after the incident. The Game Awards event in December 2022. Immediately after that, she decided to report the incident to her superiors.


But not only did she not receive comfort, on February 15, 2023 – about 2 months after the incident took place, she was fired from her job by Krafton. The company’s decision caused confusion because she had always been an excellent employee and received high ratings. In the lawsuit, she claims Krafton ignored her complaint and failed to investigate the allegations against Kimball.

The lawsuit states: The defendant (Krafton) has the right, obligation, and ability to protect the plaintiff (and all other girls) from sexual assault or depraved acts caused by alcohol, but in the case thing with Kimball, they did nothing. In addition, Krafton’s decision to fire the female employee has caused her difficulty both mentally and financially over the past time.

As is known, attacks and sexual harassment has been a burning problem in the gaming industry for many years. At last year’s Game Developers Conference, many women stood up to claim that they had endured harassment and advances during their time working at these companies.​

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