Selling edited Save Game Files, 27-year-old man faces prison sentence

According to Niigata Radio, Ichimin Sho – a 27-year-old Chinese man currently living in Japan, was arrested by the country’s police on July 8. It is known that the cause of the incident is because Ichimin is selling his save game data files The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Ichimin Sho has put up for sale his modified save game data files Breath of the Wild version Nintendo Switch on an unidentified auction site and described it as “the most powerful software.” These modification files will help players improve their in-game abilities, and Ichimin also provides rare items upon customer request.

To use the service, players will have to pay Ichimin a fee of about 3,500 Yen (about 731,000 VND). Niigata Prefectural Police caught and detained this 27-year-old male gamer for violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Law. After being arrested, Ichimin also admitted that he had sold modified software and save files and earned 10 million Yen (nearly 2.1 billion VND) in the past year and a half.


This is not the first time someone has been arrested for selling Save Game data files in Japan. Deputy Director Okazawa of the Cyber ​​Crime Division under Niigata police also asked people not to create, sell or buy modified data or software because this is a violation of the law.

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