Players may need more than 200GB of space to install Call of Duty


Before release time Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III On November 10, Activision provided more details about the game’s massive file size and explained why the number is larger than last year.

Players have early access to the game’s single-player campaign Modern Warfare III notice that the total file size of Call of Duty on installation — including campaigns Modern Warfare II, Warzone and Call of Duty HQ — currently at 234.9GB on PlayStation 5. For PC gamers, the file size is slightly lower at 172GB after installing the Modern Warfare II and Warzone campaigns.​


According to Activision’s post on social network X (formerly Twitter), the huge file size is due to the increased amount of content available on Day 1, including map files for Call of Duty: Warzone, for Modern Warfare II items and the new open world Zombies mode. Activision claims that the final install size will actually be smaller than previous Call of Duty installments combined, and more information about the launch will be shared in the near future.

Current file sizes noted by some players on PC and PS5 do not include unreleased content for Modern Warfare III, such as multiplayer or Zombies mode. However, players should note that this does not mean that Modern Warfare III alone will take over 200GB capacity storage – the base installation for Call of Duty HQ (the hub needed to access Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare III and Warzone) is around 50GB. Players can choose to uninstall unrelated game packages if their device’s storage capacity is insufficient to install all three games and related content.

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