Scorning the Pokemon artist, the million-dollar collector was cursed to death by fans

In the past few years, there has been a card fever Pokemon is spreading globally and shows no signs of stopping. Transactions worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars were continuously made, causing many people to admire and admire. And one of the famous collectors is Gary “Pokémon King” Haase.

Gary “Pokémon King” Haase, 67, currently owns the set of cards Charizard The most expensive in the world. One card in this collection is even autographed by Mitsuhiro Aritagame illustrator Pokemon cardswho also drew the world-coveted Charizard card.

Gary “Pokémon King” Haase – Famous Pokemon card collector

But recently, Pokemon fans suddenly dug up an old video in which Gary spoke contemptuously of artist Mitsuhiro Arita. He said that compared to the huge value of the card, Arita’s signature meant nothing, even implying that this signature would damage the card, causing it to decrease in value. At the same time, Gary also expressed his relief that this signature was only on the outside of the cover and not right on the card.​

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Gary’s statement was met with fierce opposition from Pokemon fans. Many people believed that this 67-year-old collector only made colors and was not really interested in the cards, he only aimed at the value of the cards. cards, or in other words, aimed at money. To honor Mitsuhiro Arita, fans shared pictures or stories about their favorite cards illustrated by Arita, adding the hashtag #ThankYouMitsuhiroArita.

Mitsuhiro Arita – illustrator of Pokemon cards

Currently, this Japanese artist’s Twitter is filled with thank you tweets from fans. In addition to humiliating the person claiming to be King Pokémonthis is also an affirmation of Arita’s talent, he not only created those cards more than 20 years ago but still does great things to this day.

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