Right before the new season, Keria revealed the worrying situation of T1

As you know, there are only a few days left until the 2024 Spring tournament LCK will officially kick off, but right before the tournament, Keria – Support player of the reigning World Championship T1 champion, revealed the difficult situation that the players of this team are facing.


Accordingly, in a recent livestream, while chatting with Zeus – the team’s Top Lane player, Keria complains that her monthly livestream KPI is too heavy. Out of 11 days, there are 8 days that this player born in 2002 has to livestream. Meanwhile, Keria still has to stream another 15 hours to meet the monthly KPI of 40 hours. Not only Keria, this is also the general situation of other players on the team.

Not only does it take up the players’ rest time, but more importantly, such a dense livestream schedule will cause the team to have no time to practice for the new season. Especially when the upcoming season has a lot of changes in both terrain and equipment. The lack of time to research new changes may partly affect T1’s performance in the tournament.


Keria’s recent share cannot help but make fans feel worried and sad. They also hope that T1 will renegotiate with livestream platforms to reduce KPIs to ensure both health and practice for their players.​

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