Ricochet- Advanced anti-cheat system launches Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

In this week, Call of Duty has welcomed a lot of “new things”, such as updates Warzone Pacific that giant, bringing a map, a series of weapons and a new battle pass. In addition, the appearance of the feature anti-fraud Ricochet This is also something that many Call of Duty players are interested in. Own anti-cheat engine Activision Blizzard is expected to reduce vandalism in Call of Duty.


Ricochet was used in Call of Duty: Vanguard since its launch, even though the feature wasn’t at kernel level at the time. However, starting this week, kernel-level drivers will be implemented in Warzone. However, Ricochet does not launch to global gamers at the same time. The anti-cheat tool was released to coincide with Warzone’s new update (on December 8) and is only available in the Asia-Pacific region.


Activision shows how regional releases are intended to help them “monitor stability, gather feedback, and make requested updates.” Players can recognize Ricochet’s appearance thanks to the display on the loading screen when starting the game. Ricochet made his debut in Warzone and will later come to Vanguard. Readers can learn more about the new anti-cheat system on the official Call of Duty blog here.​

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