Reverse: 1999 helped Bluepoch pocket 15 million USD after nearly half a year of launch

Title first game belong to Bluepoch – Reverse: 1999 celebrated its one-month global launch anniversary after its release on October 26. By expanding outside of the Chinese market, Reverse: 1999 has now reached $15 million in sales with nearly 5 million downloads.


Reverse: 1999’s sales so far have all come from China, and the game’s six-month anniversary in the domestic market is just a few days away. According to AppMagic data, 74% of total mobile game revenue (worth $25 million) came from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the China region, while 12% of total revenue came from Japan. .

After deducting store expenses, Reverse: 1999’s net revenue reached approximately $15 million with nearly 5 million downloads. China is the region with the largest number of players, but the difference in domestic and international players is quite small, specifically: 45% of Reverse: 1999 players come from China while the remaining 55% come from other countries, with Japan and the US leading with 12% and 10% of downloads respectively.


And when Japanese players were able to get their hands on Reverse: 1999, they spent the most in the past month. Japanese players accounted for 38% of revenue over the past 30 days, while Chinese players accounted for 23% and US players 19%.

Since its global launch, the game has earned about 4.5 million USD. Reverse:1999 proved to be a hit for Bluepoch, thanks to taking advantage of the popular Web3 mechanics, the gameplay is based on card and elements gacha. The game attracts attention with unique characters such as a talking apple or a Beatles fan through time, with a voice-over story from A to Z, taking players on a journey through the 20th Century.

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